January 6, 2014

A quick, long-overdue, Christmas Re-cap

IMG_2834edit IMG_2848edit IMG_2825edit IMG_2830edit IMG_2861edit IMG_2873edit IMG_2896edit  IMG_2941edit

Our Christmas went a little bit differently than we had planned. We had gotten a few days off to visit family in Vegas, but unfortunately got into a little car accident a few days before we had to leave. It was a major bummer. And mostly because of the $1000 repair cost. 

 But we counted our blessings and managed to have a really great holiday. There were Christmas jammies, snow globes, traditional honey candy making, and a few presents. :)

 Hope your holiday was spent with loved ones, and remembering our Savior and his glorious birth.


alexis at thelittlebrunette.com said...

This looks absolutely magical!

Laurie said...

Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Happy New Year!

Haley Phillips said...

Love all these pictures and I'm glad you had a great Christmas!! :)


Amanda Schroeder said...

Looks like thee perfect Christmas.