April 29, 2012

Something Old, Nothing New

Lately, I've been struggling with my blog a bit. I love sharing about my life and also sharing my photographs as I learn more about photography. But sometimes, I feel like it needs a little something more.

So I thought of a little blog feature I want to try out. It's called Something Old, Nothing New.

Since I started blogging, I've seen that so many of us get sucked into the idea that we need things. Maybe it's because we spend a lot of time online, so we're constantly finding cute new clothes we want, new iphone cases, new etsy items, etc. And I get it. A lot of the people I follow are handmade business owners, that I want to support, and who create beautiful things! But more often than not, I don't have a ton of money to spend each month. Yet I feel like I'm reminded almost daily of something new and cute that I "need".

Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely okay to buy things. And this is by no means a spending freeze. I just know that in the past I've gotten a little out of control with spending, when the truth is, right now, I don't really "need" anything. I have so much more than a lot of people suffering in our world. I love this quote that I found from here:

As much as we may think so, we don't need things to make us happy. If I don't get a new s wimsuit this year, I'll probably have just as much fun swimming in the pool.

So, after that insanely long rant, here is what I'd like to share on the blog in this series. Each week, I'm going to pick something in my home that I already have (nothing new) and use it and appreciate it for a week. And then I'll share my thoughts on my long, lost treasure.

For example, this week I'm going to break out my sewing machine. I was really excited when a got it several months ago, sewed a few things, and then back in the dark corner of the bedroom it went.

I've picked out 2 projects to complete, and you're going to hold me accountable! I think this will really help me appreciate what I already have, and also help me develop a new talent.




I'm going to work with some jersey knit for the first time ever! Woot woot! I'm going to attempt to make this boho maxi dress and turband headband thing. Wish me luck!