May 22, 2012

Photo Contest

Hello friends! Remember this picture? I've probably shared it like 12 too many times.


But anyway. I'm in a little amateur photo contest on Facebook.... and since you are all my friends, I was wondering if you could help a sister out! :)

If you'd be willing, HERE is the link to vote for my picture by "liking" it.

Thank you!


bridget anne said...

oooo congratulations & good luck cutie!

Holly said...

I "liked". :)

Ashley said...

I liked it! Good luck! I think this image should be transformed into a fabric print--I think it would be beautiful. :)

ginanorma said...

For sure, I will do it now!

Pretty picture...

just catching up with blogs, my dog had surgery, so it's been a rough couple weeks!

Teaka said...

I liked it for you! :) Hope you win!