May 15, 2012


Today I though I'd do a little blast from the past. This is a silly little thing I wrote on my old blog. I'm pretty proud of it. I thought I was pretty hilarious at the time, which just makes it even more funny now. Enjoy it in all its 2009 glory:

So... I think I'm going to resurrect my blog. I know: big committment. But I'm going off to college! New school, new house, new blog! It makes perfect sense! Plus, I'm not much of a writer, so hopefully this will help me improve a bit. Woot and sauce!

Guess what? I bought a little frog! I named him Serverus Albus (I switched it on purpose, you Harry Potter nerd), naturally, and have been super excited for our lives together ever since!

Isn't he presh?

There are 2 downsides to this purchase:
A.) Cleaning Serverus' water is like waking up with the dirty toe of a stranger in your mouth. 'Tis utterly grotesque, to say the least.
B.) He sings mating calls to me. Yes, I'm sure. I Googled it! And they're not just funny little chirps that can be dismissed with a laugh every week or so. I am lucky enough to have serenades playing for me everytime I enter the kitchen.

Also, my mom tried to make me move the amphibian to my room. Scandalous! Slash- I don't think so. Oh Serverus.

Ha! Happy Wednesday :)


Amber said...

aww he looks like a sweet little guy :) said...

oh my gosh, he's adorable!! so precious, for sure :)

Holly said...

Awww! Your froggie friend is adorable! I want one!! :O