April 19, 2012

Get to Know Me Link-Up

I'm playing along with Gentri's Send Something Good package sending party again this year! We've all been assigned a secret blogging sister and get to send them a goodie package to get to know each other. I'm super excited!

Hi! I'm Kaycie!


Here are a few things about me:

-I love taking pictures. I'm pretty amateur, but I love doing it.
-I also love vintage photography. I love instant film cameras, especially!
-I have a major sweet tooth.
-My favorite colors are blue, green, and purple!
-I love polka dots!
-I love Broadway and musicals.
-I love red lipstick.
-I like being outside, but only if there are sunglasses available. My eyes are pretty sensitive!
-And lastly, I just love to smile. "Smiling's my favorite!" (Elf, anyone?) :)

Have a happy Thursday! It's almost the weekenddddd!


GingerPeachT said...

I didn't know you were participating!! awesome! :-)
smiling is one of my favorites too.

ginanorma said...

oooh we have quite a few similarities, so fun to get to know you! I have a major major sweet tooth too and I love red lipstick, well any lipstick anyway...and I LOVE that pic of you!!!

Kristy Lynn said...

red lipstick is friggin fantastic. i'm not entirely sure i pull it off though. i wear cats-eye liquid liner and i'm always afraid it'll look like too much.

glad to have you participating in Send Something Good! Talk to you soon!

Melissa W. said...

You love Broadway & musicals, huh??

Any chance you know who Justin Paul is??

Melissa W. said...

...and I agree...

Really great picture of you!!

Gentri said...

LOVE that picture of you, Kaycie!! SO cute! And as I read your list I kept thinking- me too me too! No wonder we're friends. :)

patience said...


i'm too scared to wear red lipstick...good for you!

Sarah said...

I also have a gigantic sweet tooth. Everything sweet just dissapears into my mouth, HELP :).
Beautiful glasses you have, suit you great.


Deidre Edmunds said...

Major sweet tooth... Let me give you a suggestion. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Caramel Apple. You're welcome.

xo-Deidre deejmbl.blogspot.com

Jes said...

i have a huge sweet tooth too.
i have candy in all of my purses in case i ever hit a snackmergency.
x jes, www.twosmuppies.com