August 31, 2011

Polaroid? Thrifted

The other day while thrifting (yeah, I do that now), I found some Polaroid beauties.


I found a beautiful Polaroid leather bag (complete with vintage grandma smell),


which included the user manual (don't you love that 60's black and white model?) and flash cubes with the following camera:


Pretty, isn't she? I've heard that they don't even make film for this anymore. But it will make a pretty display by my VHS's. :)


I found this one during my first thrifting trip, over at Goodwill. I'm pretty sure this one doesn't work either, but I was way excited to find a polaroid camera for so cheap on my first thrifting excursion, that I couldn't say no.


And these two cameras are my pride and joy. Mostly because they actually work. I haven't had the chance (or budget) to buy film for them yet, but there will me much rejoicing when I finally can.

It's funny that the only cameras I've ever purchased while thrifting are polaroids. They're basically all I'm familiar with when it comes to vintage, I suppose.

I've also gotten a few dresses and skirts, too! More posts on that later... if I get around to it. You guys aren't the center of the universe, you know. I have a life. ;)

Do you thrift? Have you found any beauties? Do you have any tips or questions?

August 29, 2011

"Gambling Never Pays"

Or does it?

Last Thursday we went to stay at a local hotel in Vegas because of a great deal we found here. It was a really cheap, fun stay-cation! We went swimming at the pool, ate a bunch of junk food, and just relaxed.

Once we had our snacks, we began heading back to the room. But Scott was distracted by the shiny slot machines. Ha ha, not really, but he really wanted to try a machine. "Just once", he begged.

We had a total of three dollars cash left and he wanted only one. I agreed to let him try it, if I could have the other two dollars to buy some pop tarts. We had a deal.

I just wanted to get the whole thing over with because we all know that "gambling never pays". Oh sure, you can win every once in a while, but it's generally not worth the risk.

But Scott insisted that we find the machine for his dirty dollar. He finally found a sparkly Wheel of Fortune machine. He inserted his dollar, pulled the lever, and, yep, you guessed it: he won $20. It was tempting to keep going and try to win more, but he decided to quickly hit the "Cash out" button and we ran to redeem our money!

(Please note that during this whole time it was definitely not legal for me to be there because I was under 21. Shh, don't tell!)

I was pretty speechless after that. But it was hilarious. We'll never gamble again, obvi. But wow. What a night.

P.S. There's a Shine Project giveaway here that I'd love to win. You could check it out too, I guess.

August 26, 2011

Back to school

It's back to school season. I know this because when I went to Great Clips the other day, I was about 13th in line after a bunch of kiddos. That was probably the worst week to go get a haircut... ever.

This season isn't a very happy one for me. I haven't been getting giddy buying new notebooks and pencils or wondering what to wear on that first day of school.

Thanks to my procrastination skills, I don't get to go to school this semester. To transfer down here, I have to prove my residency in Nevada, which involves a lot of paperwork. Bleh! Who wants to do paperwork, right? That's what my immature, lazy self thought and I kept putting it off... until I missed the deadline. So yeah, I could technically still register for school, but it would cost about 3X as much as someone living in Nevada. Bah! I LIVE in Nevada! They just need me to prove it. Bummer.

I guess my responsible self didn't win this time. Not good. I need to step that part of me up a notch or two.

It's funny because a month or two ago I was begging for a break from school. I had gone to 6 semesters of school in a row. Fall, Winter, Spring, Fall, Winter, Spring. That's only a few weeks of break, kids. It was terrible!

And now that I can't go to school, it's all I want. Luckily for me, I still have a while to go in school, so I'll get my wish, just not for a few months.

All of you lucky people going back to school, "Be grateful, Anya!" (Who can name that movie?? Also, we say this to our cat a lot since her name is Anya, haha)