July 27, 2011


Inspired by the infamous Busy Bee Lauren's post here, I decided to destroy a disposable camera. I colored the flash red, held a match to the lens until it melted and morphed, and poked some holes in the camera for light leaks. Then I stuck the camera in the freezer for a few days. Here are my results:












Pretty cool, huh? And a very cheap version of getting some awesome vintage looking pictures. My favorites are probably the stop and go lights from the strip, but it's hard to choose. Which ones do you like?

P.S. Ick! Any idea how to remove the borders from the pictures?!

July 26, 2011

Red Velv

My fave red velvet recipe is here. Mmm. (Note: don't freeze cream cheese. It does NOT mix very smoothly in the frosting. bummer!)

Do you guys want some of my own recipes though? I cook yummy stuff!

This one was so good... we documented it in our "Wreck this Journal"!

Just a thought. Your input?

July 22, 2011

As of Late

Ohmygosh. This has been such a fun couple of weeks!

Remember the other day when I told you that P.F. Chang's has a coupon for free lettuce wraps for the whole month of July?? Well, we went to use our coupon and visited Chang's for the first time eva!

I've been to Pei Wei, but this was even BETTER! This really was the best dining experience I've had in months. My first impression was that it was just such a nice place. It was beautiful and the employees were so professional and friendly.

We decided to not be cheapies and ordered some honey chicken with the lettuce wraps (instead of just getting the lettuce wraps alone for free). It was so worth it! The waiter brought out our chicken and said "It's kind of a skimpy plate, so we're cooking up another one to bring you".

Basically, we got 2 plates of chicken and only paid for one! AND, because we mentioned that we were first-timers, the waiter was so nice and gave us their signature dessert on the house! HOW COOL IS HE? I'll answer that for you. Cool times a million.

When the waiter told us he was bringing their signature dessert, we had no idea what that was. So we joked that it would be something gross that we wouldn't like. Well, what do you know?

It was coconut ice cream (which we both hate and basically steered away from) and deep fried banana things. Scott hates bananas. Ha! I love them and that was my favorite part! It would've been bad if we hated all of it and couldn't eat it. How impolite! HA!

There's your random post for the day!

July 21, 2011

The Way to Happiness


Hey friends! I wanted to share this with you today because I think it's important to be real on a blog. I want you to know that my life isn't always fine and dandy. In fact, lately it's been pretty far from that. I have my happy days, and that's often what I post about. But today, just know that I have sad and trying moments, too.

Also, I don't mean to be preachy, this is just how I feel and what I believe.

I wrote this down a few days ago after a little bit of a breakdown:

My life has been far from happy lately. There have been spurts of happy. Sometimes it would even last as long as two to three weeks. But there was always something sad that I was reminded of later. Something was missing.

I’m in a new place and have a lot of uncomfortable/not so fun things going on. I feel overwhelmed, lost, and Scott is gone during the day for work, so I’m left to battle these things alone.

Or so I had thought.

I really can’t give a reason why, but I just left God out of my life during these hard times. I guess I was hoping it would just be a phase and things would sort themselves out. Or maybe Scott would just give in and let us move to Utah. Even though he would if I really really wanted to, I’m glad he didn’t just yet. Maybe it was my stubborn streak acting up.

Tonight I began crying because of one of the difficult things. And whenever I cry about one bad thing, it just reminds me of all the others. So I had a big balling session. Poor Scott, those seem to happen a lot lately.

As I was crying, I realized that I was totally and completely miserable. And changing how I felt and the whole situation wasn’t as easy as simply changing my attitude and being positive (like some people suggest). At that moment I saw that I was completely miserable and unhappy because I wouldn’t let God and Christ into my life.

Whatever my stubborn reason, I know now that it has to stop. The only way for me to be truly happy is for me to come back to God. If I want help with my problems and pain, I need God in my life.

So here I go. Scott and I are going to read scriptures and pray each day for strength, among other things. I don’t know what the results will be just yet, but I know they will be better than I was when alone."

To learn for about my faith, go here.

We've been at this for a week or two and I have to tell you, it's made all the difference in the world. There are still problems that I need to sort out (like figuring out my major, etc). But now that I have God on my side, things are going to be immensely easier and better.

Thanks for reading. :)