May 31, 2011

A Magical Weekend


I just wanted you to know that I'm back and had the best vacation eva!

We even spur of the moment went to Disneyland yesterday!! I basically died of happiness. Twice.

I have tons of pictures and can't wait to tell you about the magical weekend I had!

May 26, 2011



I wear 4th of July headbands in May (and basically all months)

Sometimes, I decide to take that headband off and wear my black cloche (sweats and t-shirt included).

Sometimes I wear my kitty socks from Walmart.

And sometimes, I'm not ashamed of that.

In other news, guess what?

I'm going to Cali this weekend! Woot sauce!

Me and Scotty boy are going to Sea world and the beach. Not too busy, but it'll be nice. A nice, relaxing vacation. Let me tell you, I've needed this!

The last time I went to California (I think it was my junior year of high school), I was pretty different than 2011 Kaycie.

I wasn't married, my hair was longer, and I didn't care a ton about fashion on trips. I liked fashion, but was a little awkward and didn't quite know how to embrace it.

(Oh please laugh at this picture with me. I get really squinty in the sun and Jaclyn looks like she just got splashed again. We INSISTED we sit in the splash zone... without ponchos. I'm so glad we did. SO worth it.)

I've been getting better about that, thanks to the blogosphere.

But anyway, when it was time to pack for the trip, I just brought what I needed. I brought sunscreen (a MUST for a redhead!), t-shirts, pants, and nice walking/running shoes. Ha! I was just concerned about walking and being comfortable.

How silly of me to think that I couldn't be fashionable and comfortable. Now I know that I can!

This time around, I'm bringing some of my new finds from Forever 21 this last week, my cute cloche that I may or may not wear around the house with my sweats, and some jewelry! Oh, and for sure I'll bring some sunglasses this time around.

I'm going to try to look good while I'm vacationing! It's so silly that I never thought of it before.

So I can't wait to show you what I wore and all the fun memories we made!

Until then, it's time to dream of clear, blue water and warm sand.

What are your fun plans for Memorial Day weekend?

May 21, 2011

The Weekend {in style}

Well, friends, the weekend was great!!

I got a new maxi dress and paired it with a lace shirt I had. How much more prepared for summer can I be?

I forgot to take pictures of myself wearing it... but don't worry, I rocked it.

And then I got that lil blue top from Forever21. From THE WORLD'S LARGEST, I should add. Did I mention that I live... 20 minutes from that?

Awesomespice! It was MASSIVE. I had to have husband, Scott direct me and make sure I covered the whole store while not getting lost. That {definitely} almost happened several times.

I'm so glad I've discovered skinny belts with tops. That has immensely helped my wardrobe. I'm double glad that I found Miss Sydney from The Daybook 's tutorial on tying skinny belt. It has saved my little tush!

And, I 'pologize. I'm still workin' on the outfit posts. I have a beautiful, sunny backyard. Guess I could use that PERFECT SPOT. Until then... get yourself a skinny belt and tie it The Daybook way.

How did you style your weekend?

May 19, 2011

The Babushka

When we lovely ladies get out of the shower, many of us wrap our hair in the towel to keep it out of the way for a few minutes... or hours. But have you ever thought about the way you wrap your towel?

Turns out, the typical way we wrap our hair


is not a good way to do so (source:!

Why, you ask? Well, your hair is more susceptible to breakage when wet. And then if you wrap the towel around your hair and fling it back, there's the weight and pressure of the towel and your hair on your front hair line. So when you leave the house later, you're you get those annoying little pieces of broken hair sticking out on the top of your head.

I've sure you've faced it. I know I have. I hate those little broken pieces of hair. And I didn't even think that my towel could be the culprit!

But don't fret, because of course there is a solution. I present to you... the Babushka:


Okay, not exactly this kind of Babushka. But when I first tried it out, that's what Scottward called it.

And though you may be prone to look somewhat like a woman from a foreign country while you do this, at least you'll have LESS BREAKAGE. And you sure won't go out in public with this on your head, right?!

Right. Lemme show you how it's done.

1. Fold your towel down 3 or 4 inches.

2. Ignore my cheesy face and zits. Then, put the towel on top of your head with the fold you just made on top.

3. Ignore my poor choice of towel. I should have chosen a cuter one to match my robe! Anyway, once you've done that, take the right side of the towel and bring it around and under to the left side of your head.

4. Take the left side of the towel and keep it under the right side you just tucked it. Bring the left side of the towel to the right and out, like the picture.

5. Finally, bring that left side of the towel that you just brought to the right and tuck the end of it into that top fold you made at the beginning.

And voila! You are now wearing the Babushka and will very soon see less breakage on the top of your head.

Blue steel, anyone?

And because I can't contain my excitement.... look what I got the other night!!

It is THE best lipstick ever. It doesn't get on your teeth and is such a beautiful, dark red. Which just so happens to compliment my light skin tone and blue eyes. :) I highly recommend!