February 24, 2011

The Casita

Yo, wanna see some stuff that has happened recently? Mmmkay.

We get a kick out of fat burgers.

This is our leftover wedding cake that my parents brought down. In case you didn't notice, it is ALSO MASSIVE. It was fun to try to embark on that adventure. However, we definitely didn't even make a dent.

This was picture-worthy just because I used REAL parmesan cheese and GRATED it. It was magic.

Do you like my cute shower curtain? After 2 months of living here I finally got my own up!

My Las Vegas souvenir... even though I'm not exactly a tourist anymore. I needed a hotpad anyway, and because they make just about everything Las vegas style, I got one!

That's our life in February.

It's been delicious.

February 21, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

Well, here's big life change #1. We're staying in Vegas! Scott's transferring to UNLV and I will probably try a community college for my associates... who knows what in. Possibly horticulture.

We're staying because Scott got a really good job opportunity. He's working in a law office and will get a ton of experience! It's hard to get this kind of experience just going to law school, ya know? He'll be doing all that hands-on stuff and will know way more than the average person graduating from law school. So we'll have some good income flowing in and we'll be going to school. And all of this in the beautiful, sunny weather! But also reeeeally hot, which is why I've invested in some sunscreen and sunglasses already!

I'm going to miss BYU-Idaho. It's such a great school! I've learned so much from all the classes I've taken and will really miss the sweet atmosphere.

I guess that leads to one fear that I'll have while living here. I know that there are good people everywhere- non-member and member alike. But let's be honest. In our world, there are scary people that do scary things to innocent people. And I'm just that: innocent, a little paranoid, and at times naive.

But because this is almost the chance of a lifetime for Scotty, I'm going to pull through. I'm going to try my very best to embrace this change. I can have fun here! I need some friends, so I guess I'll have to reach out in the ward. And although I miss my family terribly, I have a whole new family that I can get to know better.

All in all, it's going to be a really good situation. I'd prefer to raise my children elsewhere, so hopefully we can move to Utah or somewhere by the time we're done with school.

Not once did I think I'd end up hand washing dishes in a little casita in the desert, but isn't that just it? You can never plan for this silly little thing we call life. It always has a little surprise for us.

February 12, 2011


Today I woke up to Scott singing...

"Kayciecorns I love them, Kayciecorns I love them, Kayciecorns I love them..." etc.
You know, from Despicable me?

It was glorious.

February 4, 2011

shake it like a polaroid picture

Because we have been somewhat neglected by our old friends, we have a good amount of free time on our hands. So, we invested in an awesomesauce VCR! We feel so retro and are very excited to watch all of our favorite old movies.

It all started with my mini-obsession to watch The Lion King. And we couldn't find it anywhere! Except on VHS... heh heh. VHS's are only one dolla at DI. Wondrous!

I've also had a mini-obsession to get a polaroid camera. But alas, the darn company decided to ix-nay on the ilm-fay. Blast. And because I am poor, I searched around and found this nugget of vintageness:

Go ahead. Enjoy the delicious. You're welcome.

Do yourself a favor. Go listen to that song. :)

February 2, 2011

Married Post #1

Life as a readhead. It's changed a bit. A bit meaning that my last name has changed to Eddie! Crazy sauce! I haven't quite gotten used to writing it like that yet. We haven't changed it officially either (nor will Facebook even let me!!1! OMG!!!1!!!).

The wedding was everything I expected and wanted and THEN some. My parents made the reception look FANTASTIC. They worked their butts off to do it. And my new in-laws made it fun, too. So this would be a great part for pictures to come in, right?. False. Mostly because I don't have any. Except this little beaut:

I'm in love with it. I screamed for about 10 minutes after my photographer emailed it to us.

My favorite part of the wedding was walking into the room surrounded by our friends and family and also when Scott cried. I couldn't even make eye contact with people or I would start crying (which with my waterproof make-up would not have been good). And normally you'd think it was the girl who got all emotional (which I did a little bit), but in our case it was Scott who was balling. So cute.

The whole 'living together' thing didn't feel like an adjustment at all. The first night going to bed was a little weird, but after that it was like, "It's my curfew and we don't have to say good bye!" Ha! We don't even have a curfew anymore! Not to mention 5 other roommates. Yet another beautiful part of getting married life.

FUNNIES: So for Christmas Scott bought me a magnetic poetry set- romantic version. We have a bunch of romantic words on our fridge and we play with them to write cute little sonnets and such! Their website has quite a few different kinds, but since we're married, this one is perfect! I just have to share this one with you:
"Live. Laugh. Lust."
(But only after you're married!!)
So great! Look at these beauties here.

We've only been married a month and 5 days, but are loving every minute!