December 5, 2011

What We Wore V.1







Sweater- Forever21 Skirt- Walmart Shoes- Payless

With the new Reb, and lots of beautiful Utah scenery, I had to at least take one little outfit post. And Scott decided to join me with his thrifted $8 gap shirt! He absolutely loves good deals on clothes. And because he hardly ever buys things for himself, I've found that thrifting is the way to get him some new (to him) clothes. Score!

This is what I wore Thanksgiving day. The colors were just too perfect for that fall day and the pattern on the sweater just make me oh so happy. I'm not amazing at fashion-y things and putting together outfits. I'm definitely not a fashion blogger. I just post these outfits because they make me happy! On days when I feel extra pretty, I want to show it off a little. Don't you?

A lot of the time, my outfits are pajamas or some old shirt from my closet that's not exactly picture-worthy. So when one of them is cute and brings a smile to my face, I want to share it with you all like you're my close girlfriends. Which we are, right? :)

I also believe in honesty. So don't worry, you'll probably get to see a lot of my pajama/sweats days, too. Just to be fair.

P.S. Today is my half birthday! I LOVE celebrating half birthdays. I'm going to use this cupcake recipe for 2 from pinterest and cut my cupcake in half, in celebration. hehe!

Do you post outfits on your blog? Why or why not?


Erin said...

Love your sweater! So cute! :)

Brooke said...

Oh that is so cute. I need to get my husband to understand about buying clothes for himself. And I love love love the mustard skirt.

Emma Frances said...

Your outfit is so cute!! :) And I buy my husband sale clothes all the time because he never buys himself anything!! Haha. It works. And I'm glad you shared your cute outfit because we totally are all your girlfriends!!

kaitlin said...

ha ha I agree with you on the whole outfit post thing :) you both look wonderful and I can't get over those mountains! they almost look unreal!

Brittney - The Luycx's said...

LOVE the outfit, you look cute as a button!

Kelsey said...

I had to look twice when I saw those mountains in the background, and even then I didn't totally believe that you can see THAT from your BACKYARD until you mentioned the beautiful scenery. OMG! I have been in Texas for too long! Cute outfit, I love that skirt!

Holly said...

I love your skirt! Very pretty! :)

shopgirl said...

your pictures are gorgeous kaycie! I love the mountains in the background of your fashion post.

p.s. i'm writing your christmas card as we speak! .-))

shopgirl said...

i don't do post outfits because I really don't think people would be interested in what I'm wearing...-)