December 1, 2011

(A rather late) Thanksgiving

I'm sure you're a little sick of the Thanksgiving posts all around blog land. But sorry! This is my blog :)

This was the first day I got to really try out my new camera! It was so so so so so so so so so SO much fun! I don't even know what I'm doing and I'm having a blast doing it!


The obligatory food pictures.


Why yes, that is steak. New Thanksgiving tradition? I hope so! Don't worry, traditionalists, we had turkey too.


Gorgeous sister #1.


And gorgeous sister #2.



A little taboo while the food digested (gotta make room for pie somehow!).




And a little mandolin-in.

All in all, another successful Thanksgiving! My only regret is that I didn't dress up as an indian this year. But because of my complexion and hair color, maybe I should go as a pilgrim next year.

Question for all of you photo-takers: how do you edit your photos? All of the above are not edited. I wasn't really sure how to go about it.

ALSO, I'm having a fun little Christmas/vintage giveaway coming up next week! Just a little way of saying thank you to you readers! Get excited.


Lou said...

For super simple and very user friendly editing I use!
I also have Photoshop but tend to use that more for graphic editing.

P.S I like the way you've focused on the picture of the steak. Looks yummy!


Emma Frances said...

I need to learn how to edit photos too! I love these photos so much!! :) Those food pictures are making me so hungry!! Mmm! It looks like your Thanksgiving was just wonderful!

Amber said...

Great shots! Yeah, picnik is good and simple, though I also use photoshop.

New cameras are so fun, aren't they?

Laurie said...

your pictures look great! so fun to get a new camera...what kind did you get?

i use for basic photo editing. (it's free!)

enjoy your new camera!

Ruthie Hart said...

YUMMY!!!!!!!! I would love to eat steak on thanksgiving!

Courtney said...

I wish my family let us have steak at Thanksgiving. Looks like you guys had a fun Holiday!

Faith said...

looks delish! making me hungry

Faith said...

looks delish! making me hungry

Jaclyn said...

Why am I in this?!

Kylie said...

I use picknik as well. I paid for the year long premium version, and I can do quite a bit with my pictures. However, the more I learn how to use my camera, the less I have to fix. It's amazing what learning how to use it can do for your composition and technical correctness. I've learned by trial and error, and by reading tips online! Maybe I should do a post about that kind of thing....