August 22, 2011

Some Thoughts on a Monday

- I am stubborn.
- Crying makes your eyes really puffy.
- I worry about others' happiness more than my own.
- Thrift stores are wonderful, but are hard work.
- As of right now, all the vintage cameras I have thrifted are Polaroid brand. ha!
- I want to go camping soon!
- My husband is very sweet and forgiving.
- I eat small amounts of food many times throughout the day.
- I cannot live without my cereal and milk!
- Cockroaches are foul, loathsome little creatures.
- True friends never leave you, regardless of distance.

Sometimes weekends are crazy roller-coasters that are hard to explain. So I'm gonna throw my hands in the air and enjoy it.



Megan said...

tears can make your eyes puffy but some times tears make things a little better. thrift stores so much hard work, but worth it!

Emma Frances said...

My thoughts on your thoughts: 1. Bleh. I hate puffy eyes from crying. Mine always seem to last forever! 2. I am not good at thrifting...I think because I'm not used to having to work so hard to shop. And where I live has no good thrift stores! 3. Isn't small amounts of food lots of times throughout the day the healthy way to eat?? 4. I'm going camping next weekend and I can't wait!! And finally, 5. Thank goodness for sweet forgiving husbands!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

my eyes go HUGE when I cry hard haha one time I thought they were seriously going to POP! I was so freaked out.

Chelsea said...

You are cute.

I'm kind of weird, because I actually like how my eyes look after I cry. I think it's easier to put on eyeliner. Not that I'm like advocating for people to make me sad, it's just strange.


Laura Darling said...

I do the same thing with eating...lots of little snacks all day. My mom says I "graze" haha! And I'm going camping weekend actually! I'm excited but a little bit nervous!

Juniper Grace said...

QUESTION: do you have a polaroid Joy cam? I thrifted some film for one stubbornly thinking it might fit in my regular old polaroid camera... IT DIDN'T... If you want it i could send it off your way no problem because it's no good to me just sitting around not fitting my camera...