July 14, 2011

Mischief Managed

As you read this, I am sitting in the very back row of a theater watching the Harry Potter movies one by one. I've been doing it since 6 A.M. and plan to do it until the final movie premieres and ends around 3.

I'm probably eating way too much popcorn and soda with my unlimited ticket.

I'm probably thinking of sleeping through a movie (but how to choose a least favorite?!).

And I'm probably loving every minute of it.


This has been my FB profile picture for a few days:


Epic, right? I thought it appropriate for the "ending" of the series. And me and Scotty both look like the main couple. Bonus!

Did I mention that Scott totes took off 2 days of work so we could go to this marathon?

Irresponsible? Maybe. Memorable? Heck yes. (And you know I'm all about the memories.)

I'll try to take some pictures for you!

I hope your weekend is fabulous (with or without Harry. but if it is with Harry, you get bonus points for being awesomespice)!!


Monica and Whitney said...

hahaah. this is hilarious.

Ask the Duplex

Ashley said...

Sa-weet! I'm waiting to see the movie until Friday night, so my best friend can drive up here to go see it with me (and the husby, too, who finally got into all things HP)! It's our tradition. :)

Ashley said...

Oh, and I won my very FIRST giveaway this week! (I think I won the day after you posted about giveaways. :) I like to think some of your luck rubbed off on me.

Chelsea said...

I am SO jealous of you. I saw the Megaplex marathon on the news today, and wanted so badly to be there. You lucky little duck.

Elysie Piecie said...

That is so awesome. I was bragging to my friends that I knew someone who was going to a huge marathon. I only got to see Pt 1 in the theatre before hand.

elise said...

Loooooove me some Harry Potter.

♥ Nadine ♥ said...

All right, that answers all my questions. ;-)
How did you like the movie? Especially the '19 years after' scenes??
And you did run a marathon? Oh my gosh, that is unbelievable. My friend is training for a 10k run - and I nearly fail at that...