July 4, 2011

{Memorable Mondays}: Funny Facebook Finds

As I was looking at old pictures to find something fun to reminisce on and share with you, I found a lot of Facebook statuses of mine that I took a screenshot of.
Here are some of my favorites:

5 days before I got married. :)

I still resent FB for not changing it.

Oh my GOSH this is a hilarious story. Ready? We drove up to a park 'n ride so me and Scott could carpool with my parents up to Salt Lake. We dropped our car off and went to take bridal pictures around Salt Lake for the majority of the day. We went to dinner up there and then around 9 PM, came back to pick up our car. But Scott couldn't find his keys. Anywhere. We started searching the car and worried that we had left them somewhere in Salt Lake. When we approached our car, it turns out it had the keys in the ignition and it was running. Ah! Scott about died. I thought it was funny but he was just so embarrassed in front of his in-laws or something. The car had been running for hours and no one had stolen it. I love Utah!

Adjusting to Las Vegas :)

Have a happy 4th of July!!


Autumn said...

I kept the status update from when we got married haha :) I can't believe his car battery didn't die, he must have been nervous or something. Cute!

Cindy said...

Ahh bummer about Facebook! But the car story is hilarious! xD I love Facebook because it's the perfect place to share random moments and big celebrations! *cough MARRIAGE cough*! :D

Have a good 4th, Kaycie! :)

Ashley Sloan said...

Oh my gosh that is so crazy about the car being left on for so long!!! WOW! Got to love Utah! Did you just move to Vegas? And Alpine...I used to live in Provo! Ha. Just barely moved from there! By the way I'm totally following you on Instagram incase you didn't realize it was me liking your photos ha. And also, if you want, I'm having a giveaway on my blog, so take a look and maybe you can win! :)


LaynahRose said...

How fun :) Ohhh myyyyy goodness I CANT believe the story about the running car! That's out of control. And amazing.

Ashley said...

Love the story about the car! I had a friend who did that in high school--left it running all day--and ran out of gas! Happy Fourth!

Kirsten said...

oh my word! I busted out laughing when I read about the car being left on! what a fun way to document memories :)

Emily Spada said...

Facebook is pretty good at digging up old statuses now...