July 20, 2011

{Memorable Monday}: The Time I Was Late

Don't you love that sequence? These were taken during our engagement photos almost a year ago.

How hilarious would it be if I had sent these babies out on the invitations?! I think I would have died. Twice.

Question: what kind of photo uploading sites do you use for your blog? I've tried photobucket, but I don't like how it's worked so far. And Blogger images are just too small (especially these ones, ugh!). Any thoughts?

(P.S. You can click on them to see them bigger)

Anyway, happy happy Wednesday!


Gentri said...

I use photobucket and love it. Play around more with it and see how you like it. The more I play with it the more awesome things I discover. When you upload from your computer you can make the images larger. Just click on the image and select the size you want.

dana @ wonder forest said...

I just use blogger... when you upload the pic, just click on it in the editor and a menu appears at the bottom. choose Large, or Xlarge depending on your blog size and it will enlarge it :)
xo dana