June 15, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday


You can only smile in so many pictures, you know.

3/4 length shirt- ModBod. Lace vest- local shop in UT. Jeans- who knows. Shoes- Justice (yes, the store for little girls, haha)

I liked this outfit! It was pretty quickly pulled together, but turned out alright! This lace top is actually what my bridesmaids wore at my wedding. They were so stinkin cute, I needed one! And now I wear it all the time.

I couldn't find a picture in color, sorry. I know there's one somewhere. But don't you love black and white pictures? I especially love some from the wedding.

And I'm sorry for my bad photography up there with the outfit. I'm learning that you need to find natural light. There's plenty here in sunny Las Vegas, but I get really squinty-eyed when I'm outside. One of the curses of the redheads- having sensitive blue eyes. That just means more excuses to wear shades :). I'll try harder with the photog.

And those boots I like to call my "Sacagawea Boots". I don't have dark hair or skin (duh!), but just feel like an explorer when I wear them!

What did you wear today?


Gentri said...

Try just standing near a bright window or in the shade. :) that's what I do. Haha! You look so cute! Did you ever see the award I left for you on my blog??

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

love that Lacey top! :)

Chelsea said...

I want that top so. freaking. badly. You are such a babe!

And. I love your hair! Way chic.


Kaycie said...


Alexis Kaye said...

haha i feel ya. I ALMOST bought one of my bridesmaids dresses for my own :)

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

That lacey top is wonderful and so perfect for spring and summer...dressing up or down! :)

Liesl :)

val said...

hi! thanks for following my blog party! there was more giveaways other than just the scrapbooking one if your interested.... Im following your blog now!!!

melissa said...

The red hair made me follow ;)

oh and the cute blog!

Audrey said...

That's a really cute outfit.!(:

Beth Ramsay said...

always wish I was ginger! you look gorgeous, in this outfit and your wedding.

love the way you used the old lace with jeans, very cool!


p.s thanks for commenting on my blog, friends is awesome! and isn't it weird we have the exact same amount of followers? not anymore, I'm following.

Nikki said...

a girls gotta love lace! and gosh, I love to see weddingphotos ^^ you girls look all so cute together! you were/are a beautiful bride :) I love your hair!

Today I wore my plain simple dark wash jeans and a black tank top. How's that for a style blogger, haha ? ^^ x

Nikki said...

oh, by the way: Beeing a ginger rocks! although I have the sensitive blue eye thing too, and the pale white skin... and the freckles! x

Leah said...

Cute Wednesday outfit, and so cute you incorporated a piece from your wedding day into every day wear! Thanks for the sweet comment:)


mary said...

Wow that top is so cute with jeans! How cute are you?! I love your wedding photos red head! Beautious! xox!