June 10, 2011

Ode to Cats

Well kids, I've been cat-sitting this week.

I think she saw me taking the picture, even though she was napping :).

The only pets I had growing up were hamsters and fish. The hamsters were fun, until I tried to hold one and he bit me. And until I realized that cleaning the cage and gross stuff just wasn't worth it.

I mean, I wasn't gonna hold them again after that!! You have to clean up after dogs and cats, but you can play with them and cuddle with them. That's the reward. So it's worth it! I just realized this :)

So anyway, watching these cats has been an eye opening experience for me. I've never really spent this much time with them. Here are my pros and cons:


Cats are soft. I love to pet them!
Cats can be cuddly. Looks like if I ever get one I need a cat who can do some snugglin'. I've had like 6 cuddle sessions and a few cat naps with this little girl and I loved it!
Cats are energetic. They like to jump around and stuff! Scott thinks it's hilarious to have them chase after the little red laser light he has and I think it's hilarious to watch him get so entertained.
Cats are pretty low maintenance. Unlike dogs, they don't have to be walked everyday and can just lounge around the house with me. And I don't have to feed them a certain amount of times a day, etc.


Some cats are stubborn. Maybe it's because he isn't my cat, but gosh, he just won't listen to me. If he's somewhere I don't want him to be, I have to physically pick the guy up and move him. Talking won't do a thing. AND he tries to bite when you grab him.
Some cats still have claws, and all of them have teeth. Haha. If I ever get a cat of my own, the little thing needs to be declawed. I don't really want to get scratched up and I also don't want my furniture that way. And if you make them mad, they'll try to bite. But I figure most animals get that way.
Cats can get into things. This hasn't been the biggest problem, but if I get a cat, I'd like to cat-proof the bedroom a little bit and protect the valuables.
CAT HAIR EVERYWHERE. Gah! I didn't really notice until I wore a white shirt. And my lint roller can't even get all of it off! Anyone have any tips?

And the final verdict is... I like cats! And I think I could be a crazy cat lady. But perhaps with just one to start with. We shall see.

P.S. You should check out this vid and tell me what you think. It's pretty crazy, but I love it! ha!

Coming next Thursday... Awkward and Awesome. And next Wednesday? WIWW (What I Wore Wednesday). I'm excited!! Also coming soon... my birthday post!


Alexis Kaye said...

Oh. my. gosh. This video is insane. Double your pleasure double your fun?! HAHA! I'm sorry, but that's just weird! I'm not a huge fan of cats, but I can see why you would like them. Cats drool and dogs rule ;)

Gentri said...

Wanted to let you know that I left a surprise for you over at my blog. :) Check it out!

Kaycie said...

Hahaha it is pretty weird, but me and Scott just love the "who's the best cat in the United States? it's you, champer damper, it's you!" We quote that one all the time.

Thanks Gentri!

Ashley said...

Awww, you should definitely get a cat! They are super smart and independent, yet they can be cuddly and sweet. In regards to claws, you can now get these caps put on their claws, so they don't (do so much) damage (to) your furniture. Since we have a cat that is declawed, I can totally agree with you that they know how to use their teeth...and back claws. (We didn't have him declawed; my in-law's did.) We learned that masking tape is great for picking up hair, and I saw a cat hair sponge somewhere recently (but I haven't tried that one). Also, the more you brush your cats, the less they are likely to shed.

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. It made me smile and made my day! I have to mention how adorable you are! You remind me of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter--please take that as a compliment because I think she is cute as a button. :) Have a great week!

Anna said...

uh. Yeah. you know how i feel about cats...

Becca said...

this video was awesome! hahahh love your blog. i love finding fellow red heads!

Miss.C said...

OMG!!!!!! That video made my day, thank you! And my cat is insane, he's sometimes super sweet.. then he'll try to eat my fish.

Kaycie said...

Not a fan, Anna? haha

Me too! Thanks for visiting, Becca!

Lol I'm glad you liked it. It really is weird... but certain parts just KILL me!